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Phoning Search + List Work

Connors is a regional two-year college with a lean budget and small admissions staff. Connors State College needed an admissions marketing strategy to increase freshmen in a struggling state, but their staff was taxed with recruiting and they didn't have six-figures to invest in a large search company.

Enter Stewart 360. We established a very affordable annual search contract of 25,000 names. We examined five years of historical data to help Connors isolate those most likely to matriculate. Each potential student received emails, phone calls and a mailer with information pertinent to their individualized interests and a picture and message from their specific counselor. Because Stewart 360 handled all the creative, marketing and reporting of these leads, Connors State’s limited admissions staff was able to put more focus and time into nurturing higher quality leads.

The results from this meager volume have been 151 Freshmen, 178 Freshmen and 240 Freshmen in consecutive years. Connors State now has an average ROI of 7,500% as measured by what they spent on us each year and what the Freshmen we touched first have brought in iPeds-reported income.

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