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Shawn Stewart

Vice President of Enrollment Services

Shawn Stewart

Shawn Stewart has over 15 years of search marketing experience. In 2006, Shawn launched Zoom Intercollegiate Marketing (ZIM) with partners from the confines of UMKC’s incubator.


Following a merger with The Whelan Group, ZIM grew to become a 5.5 million dollar corporation representing several reputable institutions such as Grinnell CollegeEmory UniversityRhodes CollegeThe University of KansasThe University of Oklahoma and The University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


In 2012, Shawn left his ownership role with ZIM/TWG to form Stewart 360, with a mission to provide smaller colleges top tier enrollment marketing. Stewart 360’s focus became private colleges and regional state institutions exclusively. Shawn excels at identifying the best prospects while ensuring maximum visibility based on proximity.


As an alumnus of a non-name-brand institution, Shawn’s loyalty lies firmly with the smaller colleges and universities. The experience of receiving an education through a non-name-brand college left Shawn with a unique alliance to the smaller school experience. Shawn knows first hand the impact these institutions make for students who want greater involvement on campus. As such, no one will help guide your school to the right prospects like Shawn and Stewart 360 can.

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