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Harold Washington

Enrollment Strategist

Harold Washington

Harold G. Washington has an MBA from The University of Arizona’s Karl Eller Center for the study of the private market economy. Throughout his career, he has served on multiple advisory boards; the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Corporate Advisory Council and the HBCUs Business Deans Roundtable Corporate Advisory Board, are examples.


Among his many accolades, his role in developing the NAFEO/Gateway Computers “Digital Divide Initiative” in partnership with the 118 HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) was imperative. This creative program delivered much-needed cutting edge and affordable technology to the colleges and students.


In addition to his contribution to the Digital Divide Initiative, Harold also introduced the HBCUs to full pay international students from Saudi Arabia as an executive for Symphony Education. While pilot to the Saudi Arabian student market, students were initially placed at Clark Atlanta University resulting in increased tuition revenue for the schools, and greater cultural diversity for the students.

Harold currently acts as a guide to HBCUs and other institutions who find themselves in financial crisis.


Implementing a strategy consistent with the creativity showcased throughout his career, Harlod built a solution which has helped to save several small schools to date.


This strategy is built around a long-term USDA loan created and packaged by Harold specifically for the institution with this need. The long-term loan, typically a 40-year loan, allows colleges the time needed to increase their solvency while continuing to stay true to their charters for years to come.

If your school is in need of an experienced enrollment strategist for recruitment, Harold will be a valuable resource.

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